It’s Already Been a Year

Well, it’s official. This post marks the one-year anniversary of my blog.

This project started out as a way for me, in the wake of my medical issues in early 2016, to keep people informed about how my recovery was going and to share my thoughts about the process so that I wouldn’t go crazy.

I had also hoped that having a blog would help me to be a more disciplined writer, which I think it has done, as I have been successfully posting on a bi-weekly schedule for a full year now.

As an additional perk, my blog also quickly became a good tool for shameless self-promotion, especially for my story A Christmas Carol II: The Rise of the Juggernauts, which—speaking of shameless self-promotion—is going to be available in paperback form this coming fall.

While I know there are much more impressive milestones out there than having kept up with what amounts to a personal, online journal for a year, I’m still happy to have reached this point.

On that note, while I definitely intend to keep posting material on a semi-regular basis, I probably won’t be quite as strict about getting something up every other Wednesday morning as I have been doing. I’ve got quite a few irons in the fire right now, and I’d prefer to produce decent content on a semi-regular basis rather than churn out sub-par material just for the sake of posting something.

I hope that this lack of regularity on my part won’t ruin the lives of too many of my followers.

And speaking of followers, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who over the past year have taken time out of their days to glance at my posts, especially those who have done so on a regular basis. Let’s face it, writing wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable with readers. So thank you!


birthday cupcake

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