A Christmas Carol II: The Rise of the Juggernauts

By Nicholas Kaminsky



Ebenezer Scrooge was dead to begin with. He did not go quietly. So said the workers at the London Institute for the Insane.

Twenty-five years have passed since the events of Charles Dickens’s beloved classic, A Christmas Carol. Mr. Scrooge—as good a friend, as good a man, as the good old city knew—has passed away. It is common knowledge that he lost his mind and spent his final days in an asylum, cheerfully rambling on about ghostly visitors, but recently there have been whispers in dangerous circles that perhaps old Scrooge was not as far gone as had seemed the case. Ever-more intriguing tales have emerged which suggest the existence of a powerful Relic capable, it is said, of placing the terrifying energies of the spirit realm under the command of whoever manages to wield it.

Meanwhile, “Tiny” Tim Cratchit has returned from an extended trip to the Far East where, unbeknownst to most, he has spent the last several years learning the martial arts in order to strengthen his crippled body and has emerged from his rigorous training a fearsome shinobi ninja warrior. Now, concealing his lethal abilities beneath the persona of the wealthy and affable Mr. Timothy Cratchit, he will need all of his skill—and perhaps more—in order to defeat the looming threat posed by a treacherous secret society and its invincible mechanical army, the Juggernauts.

As these forces of good and evil array themselves for the final, decisive battle for the city, a still greater danger looms unseen and menacing on the horizon. Even with his considerable abilities, Tim will have all he can do to survive, much less prevail, in the dark times ahead.